Usage Notes

The system can handle data for multiple cemeteries, so as you enter data please be sure that you're entering the data for the cemetery of interest. Use "Specify Cemetery" to choose a default. However, this is an alpha version so double check on each page that you're using the correct cemetery.

The system assumes that you've already given it at least the name of the cemetery that is being surveyed. Use the "Specify Cemetery" selection to either enter a new cemetery or select one that has already been entered. You can come back to that screen later to enter additional data other than the name.

If you want to specify what lot a grave is in, it will save time to enter the lot data first. Then when entering grave data you can just click on the drop down menu to specify the lot.

The facility to upload images has not yet been implemented. The images that are presently in the system were transferred through a back door.

Any questions, please drop me a line to john at dalypreservation-dot-com. Make the obvious substitutions of at signs and dots so I don't get targeted by spam-bots.